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One of the most popular and most entertaining electronic dance music artists would have to be Joel Thomas Zimmerman or better known as Deadmau5 (“dead mouse”). He is a progressive-house music producer and performer from Toronto, Canada. He now lives and creates music out of his home in Los Angelis, California. He has won multiple awards of all shapes and sizes from many different award shows.

Zimmerman created his stage name as a teenager during an incident where his computer abruptly shut off and smelled like it was burning. As he took his computer apart to see what was going on he found a dead mouse. From than on he tried to make that his name in the online world, but it happened to be too long for most chat rooms and had to shorten it to “deadmau5″.

Deadmau5 has made a tremendous impact on the world of electronic dance music and DJ because he has created an entire musical and visual experience. He does not just simply play music; he has an entire stage show, including a light up mouse head that he wears while performing. He has been one of the leaders in revolutionizing the entertainment value that a DJ can have. He has given a whole new direction to DJ’s and electronic dance music artists

He uses a Monome 256 is a device that has rows and columns of 16 programmable backlit keys, is USB powered and is an interactive tool with a focus on simplicity. This device is for visual feedback and intuitive play. When you push a key the input data is sent to the computer to complete various actions while the output data, light patterns for example, are controlled separately in response. All decision-making is controlled by the specific application running on the computer. Because this device is completely programmable it seems to have no creative constraints.

Deadmau5 has 656 credits to his name and has influenced many other DJ’s in the electronic dance music genre. James Talk, Justice, Martin Solveig, Nick Fiorucci, The Bloody Beetroots, Wolfgang Gartner, Alex C. and countless others have claimed to have been influenced by Deadmau5.

I really enjoy listening to Deadmau5 as he has very innovative and inventive with his music. He doesn’t just mix songs together or play sample. He creates dynamics and feelings in his music. His albums take the listener on a journey and cause your mind to wonder off a bit to some strange new place where you experience the emotion behind his music. I very much respect what Deadmau5 has created and where he has taken the electronic dance music genre, because of him every other EDM DJ/producer/artist must step up their game.

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