"KAIO" is a Greek word meaning "to be set on fire"


KAIO Productions has been running events for more than 10 years and has helped with hundreds of shows all over the eastern US. KAIO exists to bring a fresh new attitude to what Music Production is all about. Our passion for music is equaled only by our passion to serve our clients. 


We know that professionalism and ethics are just as important as talent so we have established a reputation for delivering high quality work on time and our clients always hire us back. Our work is original, fresh and always well received.


Our greatest value is integrity. In that sense, we are second to none on the market. We fully satisfy our clients' requirements for quality services, ever thoughtful of our clients' integrity as well as our own.


Our attitude is always one of helpfulness, professionalism, self-motivation, dedication and encouragement. We believe that quality sound inspires people and inspired people can perform at their absolute best. 





David Lutsko


Dave is the owner / operator of KAIO Productions and has a heart to provide his clients with the best quality product he can deliver. He has more than 15 years of professional experience behind the soundboard and has been a musician his entire life. He plays multiple instruments and was a Worship Pastor for 10 years before becoming an Audio Engineer for a room that sat 2,400 people.


Dave started his educational carrier in Music Education but ended it in Music Production, graduating from Full Sail University with his Bachelors of Science. He has been in many successful bands where he was both a leader and a follower. He has contributed to writing collaborations and productions in hundreds of sessions.


Through KAIO Productions, Dave would like to provide sound for some larger national acts or work along side them on a tour. Dave will continue to provide sound for local events in hopes of turning KAIO Productions into his full time Job. One of the ways Dave is really able to use his skill set is in planning events. If you need any help in this area you have come to the right place. KAIO Productions has single handedly planned, prepared, booked and ran hundreds of shows.


Dave lives in Pittsburgh with his beautiful wife Colleen and their 2 sons, Josiah (age 4) and Asher (age 1). They all like to spend their free time doing anything that allows them to be outside. Dave also has a dog named Gracie and is a fan of Zombies.